IBIAC 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your participation at the IBIAC workshop !

The Sloan Report is now available.

Welcome the IBIAC Workshop website! 

Programme 2015
sponsors 2015

It is a pleasure to announce the very first IBIAC workshop that will take place on the 15th and 16th of May in Lille, France.
As the workshop name explicitly says, those two days of conference are intended to create more interactions between our two communities.

This website is under construction and will be updated very soon.

We look forward to your participation.

The confirmed speakers so far are : Charles Weschler (USA), Nicola Carslaw (UK), 
Raymond Wells (USA), Jonathan Abbatt (CA), Dwayne Heard (UK), Sebastien Dusanter (FR), Sergei Nizkorodov (USA), Isabelle Annessi-Maesano (FR), Manabu Shiraiwa (GE), Sasho Gligorovski (FR), Tareq Hussein (JOR/FIN), Paul Ziemann (USA), Barbara D'Anna (FR), Delphine Farmer (USA), Jochen Stutz (USA).

The confirmed participants so far are : Mohamad Sleiman (USA/FR), Corinne Mandin (FR), Jonathan Williams (UK), Nadège Blond (FR), Brent Williams (USA), Christa Fittschen (FR), Benjamin Hanoune (FR), Mélanie Nicolas (FR), Sascha Nehr (GE), Weidong Chen (FR), Stéphane Le Calvé (FR), Peter Wiesen (GE), 
Lara Gundel (USA), Jeff Siegel (USA), James Schauer (CA),  Michael Waring (USA), Annmarie Carlton (USA), Paula Olsiewski (USA), Douglas Worsnop (USA), Betsy Stone (USA), Greg Yarwood (USA), Armin Wisthaler (NO).

The organizing committee.

Dr. Glenn Morrison 
Missouri University of Science & Technology

Dr. Coralie Schoemaecker
CNRS - Lille 1 University

Dr. Maxence Mendez
La Rochelle University