Interaction Between Indoor and Atmospheric Chemistry
Dear Colleagues,

Welcome the IBIAC website!
This website and the workshops organised are intended to create more interactions between our two communities.

The first edition of the workshop took place in 2015 in Lille, France.
The Information on IBIAC 2015 is available at IBIAC 2015.

The second edition of IBIAC workshop took place on the 2nd of July 2016 in Ghent, Belgium.

Information on test houses can be found here.

The speakers for the 2nd edition were :
Jonathan Abbatt (CA), Annmarie Carlton (USA), Richard Corsi (USA), Christian George (FR), Anne Monod (FR), Sally Ng (USA), Glenn Morrison(USA), Gavin Phillips (UK), Tunga Salthammer (GE), Manabu Shiraiwa (GE), Jeff Siegel (USA), Frédéric Thévennet (FR), Vicki Grassian (USA), Cora Young (USA)

The participants for the 2nd edition were :
Nadège Blond (FR), Annmarie Carlton (USA), Nicola Carslaw (UK),  Hugo Destaillats (USA), Peter DeCarlo (USA), Delphine Farmer (USA), Sasho Gligorovski (FR), Allen Golstein (USA), Vicki Grassian (USA), Benjamin Hanoune (FR), Paula Olsiewski (USA), Coralie Schoemaecker (FR), Jeff Siegel (USA) Mohamad Sleiman (USA/FR), Marie Verriele (FR), Michael Waring (USA), Ray Wells (USA), Charles Weschler (USA), Paul Ziemann (USA)
The organizing committee.

Dr. Glenn Morrison
Missouri University of Science & Technology

Dr. Coralie Schoemaecker
CNRS - Lille 1 University

Dr. Maxence Mendez

Dr. Nic Carslaw
York University

Dr. Michael Waring
Drexel University